Woven Oak Studio

With plans for a new Woven Oak studio in the pipeline for the last 3 years it has been brilliant to see it’s slow development at the end of our garden. It was in fact Christmas Eve when we roped in my brother in law Nick to help Leo lay the concrete based. With this in place for the New Year we were determined to realise our plans in 2015.

We finally decided on a Mulberry Lane red after much deliberation. With a bit of divine intervention from Leo’s late grandparents who named their last house after the Mulberry tree, we have surely chosen the right colour!

As I’m sure any artist or designer will agree it’s fantastic to have a tranquil place to develop work. We have already started working on a new collection.

Here are some shots of Woven Oak’s new headquarters in the making.

Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 4 Studio 5 Studio

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