Timeless Design

If we were to name one designer that has inspired us more than any other it would be Morris. To be exhibiting at Kelmscott House alongside some of his original hand painted designs and fabrics is a real honour and joy. 2011 is particularly poignant as it marks Morris’s 150-year anniversary. Today his timeless prints are still going strong. Only the other day a good friend offered us some Morris fabric to be up-cycled into a pair of cushion covers. It’s our on-going mission to create balanced and seamlessly flowing designs that age beautifully.

All of Morris’s original fabrics and wallpapers were printed using a staggering number of intricate blocks. To promote this ancient process that was once in abundance in the UK we have displayed our wood blocks alongside each hand printed length of fabric.

Standing in the Coach House over-looking the Thames dreaming of all the history these four walls must have observed from the weaving of Morris’ fabric to the socialist meetings. I take a deep breath and smile.

Cheers to Morris.


Setting up in the Coach House

Anglo Hira Woodblocks

The Design Process

The Anglo Hira Collection

Indian Woodblock Carving Tools from Woven Oak

Woodblock Carving Tools Leo used in India

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