About Us

The Founders


After he earned a Graphic Design Degree from Leeds University Leo pursued his passion for woodcarving and sculpture. Whilst traveling in India in 2008 he studied traditional block carving. Working alongside a team of woodblock carvers in Sanganer on the outskirts of Jaipur was a powerful experience, one that proved to be a lasting and integral part of Leo’s working process today. Using only basic tools and a small wooden stool on the floor he created a number of blocks and gained the skills needed to continue his carving work in the UK. Leo currently works in his studio in Sussex carving designs for Woven Oak and taking commissions.


Lizzie studied Textiles at Goldsmiths College, London graduating in 2002. She then went on to earn an MA in Sequential Textile Design from Brighton University. Having fallen in love with the colour and vibrancy of Rajasthan at the age of 19 she returned to India 10 years later to study woodblock printing. Whilst in Jaipur she worked with two leading block-printing companies. Lizzie worked closely with the highly respected Vikram Joshi who made it possible for her hand drawn designs to be carved in seesum wood and then printed on to fabric. She became an integral part of this traditional process and was drawn to the tangible approach of printing lengths of unique fabric. Today, retaining the traditional essence of this craft, Lizzie creates contemporary designs and colourways for Woven Oak.

A Creative Partnership

By combining their skills Lizzie and Leo have created a unique partnership. Living and breathing this tradition in India has generated a two way creative process in which tradition informs the contemporary. They work as a team developing specialist textiles and woodcarvings. Drawing inspiration from both East and West, they continue to create unique collections for Woven Oak in the UK.

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