Our Story

Woven Oak was founded in Jaipur, India.

Lizzie and Leo were initially inspired by visiting small rural villages in Rajasthan. Here they encountered printers picking old woodblocks from dusty shelves and printing lengths of fabric using only their hands, natural dyes, and remarkable precision. After spending time in this inspiring environment, Woven Oak was born, working to merge the ancient craft of woodblock printing with contemporary textile design.

All Woven Oak designs are hand drawn before being carved into Seesum wood by highly skilled artisans. Handmade tools are used to create a number of intricate blocks for each design, using a traditional method that remains unchanged for centuries. The blocks are then dipped in trays of dye before being stamped by hand on to fabric. This human touch adds an organic and natural feel to all Woven Oak fabrics.

Traditional Indian Bootis (small repeated motifs) and Jaals (all-over designs), work alongside contemporary floral and abstract designs to create a unique collection. In addition to women’s accessories, Woven Oak offers beautiful and practical home furnishings. All their products are printed on natural fabrics including cotton and silk.

Woven Oak has a close relationship with Vikram Joshi who runs a highly respected block printing business. This allows them to personally oversee the production of their prints and ensures they are created in a healthy working environment, under fair terms of employment. All their products are produced to a high standard by artisans whose unique skills continue to be passed down through generations.

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