Oak Woodblocks

It has been far too long since I carved a woodblock.  I was given traditional tools in India by the master craftsman at the Anokhi Museum. It has taken me two years to source suitable wood, a search that still continues and I am now using Oak, which seems like a fitting choice given our name (Woven Oak). This small piece was an off cut that a friend, who works with wood, gave me. To test to see if the grain would support a range of lines, both curved and straight, without splitting or generally misbehaving, I drew out a rough design that would include these things. I had tried to use some laminated Maple end grain without luck. I am now in the process of laminating (sticking together) lots of oak blocks to make a much larger block to carve one of Lizzie’s designs onto for printing next month.

Returning to these rudimentary tools and traditional technique has been exciting and rewarding. I will post our progress.



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