An Indian Christmas

It’s been an action packed December and full of exciting developments for Woven Oak. We have been working with our printers in Jaipur to put our spring/summer 2012 collection together. To see each design processed from the initial colour swatches to the final fabric prints and tailoring has reminded us of the hard work that goes into each finished product. There is no quick fix with this age old process. Its slow unfolding nature is to be marvelled at in an age where instant results are the norm. Each block is rhythmically stamped by hand. The fabric is then hung to react and dry in the hot Indian sun before it is washed and stitched.


Block printed fabric by Woven OakThe 2012 Folk design being block printed

Artisans printing using wood blocks in India for Woven OakThe 2012 Tuscan Rose design being block printed

Close up of Block printing for Woven OakAccurate lining up of the blocks by hand

Block Printed fabrics being fixed in acid bath before washingThe printing inks being fixed before washing

Sewing Woven Oak Tea Towels by handTailoring by hand

The colour master, proud of his work.

The colour master

Indian Chai being poured for a tea break

Chai Time!

Block printers stopping for a tea break

A well earned chai break with the printing team

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